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There are 5334 large dams in India and about 411 are under construction. In addition, there are several thousands smaller dams. All of these dams are vital for ensuring the water security of the country in a sustainable manner and regulating water during the rainy season to prevent floods.

However, today many of these dams are facing various structural deficiencies as well as shortcomings in the operation and monitoring facilities. There are also inadequacies in complying with the current design standards and philosophy. These conditions affect the safety of the structures and pose risks to life and properties of people downstream of dam.

DHARMA has been designed and developed to enhance the capacity of individuals and organisations throughout India to manage their dam assets scientifically and professionally so as to sustain advantages of dams (irrigation and water supply, flood control, hydropower etc) and prevent disasters. DHARMA will address four main challenges as described below :

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The main features of DHARMA are presented below :
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