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Dam Health And Rehabilitation Monitoring Application (DHARMA) is a bespoke web-based software package to support the effective collection and management of Dam Safety data in respect of all large dams of India. The software is designed for users at Central, State and Dam level, with user permission rights governed by their respective licenses. The access to software is governed through user accounts; and for creation of a new user account, the interested persons may contact appropriate licensee (i.e. any of the Central, State or Other Licensees). General Public can have access to an overview of DHARMA Data in terms of National or State Level Inventory of dams, or in terms of brief report of any individual dam. Development of DHARMA is taken up in phased manner; under the Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project (DRIP). First phase has been completed, and under implementation initially for DRIP Dams. Please refer to the User Manual (version 1.7) for more information.